Thank you - from us and your dog!

If your dog had a blog, I wonder what sorts of things they'd post? Probably a lot of pictures of squirrels. Some selfies with their favorite toys or at their favorite park. Perhaps some artistic pictures of their food, showing off the tasty meals they're enjoying each day. But I bet there'd be a lot of posts about you, too. Posts about how much they love you, how wonderful you are, how excited they are when you get home. And I'm sure there'd be a lot of "thank yous”, too. Your dog doesn't have a blog, but if they did, I imagine we'd see a post something like this:

“Thank you for choosing positive reinforcement. So many people choose to use pain or intimidation to train their dogs; thank you for choosing to be kind! I feel so safe when you train me, because I know that my behavior will never earn me a jerk on my neck or a shock. Learning new things is fun for me, because it's an opportunity to work together with you and earn my favorite things!

Thank you for managing my environment, keeping me safe from danger and helping me to make the right choices as I'm learning. Some of my friends don't have such great management, so they have plenty of opportunities to fail. They chew inappropriate things, run away, and don't come when called. They think they're having a blast, but I know their lifestyle has a lot of risks you protect me from.

Thank you for all of my toys! I appreciate the variety of things I have to play with, and I'm sorry I sometimes destroy them! Shredding toys is so fun, but you are always patient with me, cleaning up my mess and giving me something else to play with. I know it took some trial and error to find toys that I enjoy, that suit my play style, but I appreciate your persistence; I love having things of my own, so I have something appropriate to do when I get bored.

Thank you for giving me appropriate things to chew on, too! Chewing is one of my favorite low-energy activities. I enjoy a good chew the way you enjoy your books or those moving pictures on the big screen in the living room. Having a good chew to unwind with at the end of the day keeps me happy and prevents me from selecting chew toys from your things.

Thank you for giving me plenty of exercise. I was born to run and play, and I get restless when I am cooped up at home for too long. Thank you for giving me appropriate outlets for my energy, so we can have fun together instead of me looking for my own ways you don't enjoy.

Thank you for giving me puzzles to work on and problems to solve. Training games and puzzle toys keep my mind busy and stave off boredom. My ancestors had jobs to do and I still want to work! Earning some of my meals through my hard work helps me feel content and accomplished, so I am happy to rest peacefully during our down time.

Thank you for looking for help when you need it. You're never too proud to admit when you don't know something, and you seek out good people to give you help when you need a boost. Just like me, you are always learning new things, so we can keep growing together.”

Of course, dogs don't have blogs, so we'll have to say all that for them! Thank you for all the wonderful things you do for your dog! We are constantly blown away by how thoughtful, kind, and committed our clients are. Your love for your dog is clear in all that you do, and we know they appreciate it! From all of us at Canis Major, on behalf of your dog: thank you.

By Hannah Thiemann