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daycare Attendant

Do you wish you could hang out with dogs all day? It turns out you can! We’re in search of a skilled daycare technician to work primarily Monday through Friday (some weekends and holidays) supervising our small daycare group - max of 15 dogs. The ideal applicant will have both dog and people skills, experience and comfort with groups of dogs in a daycare, training, or shelter setting, and a dedication to force-free handling (leave the squirt bottles and shake cans behind!)

In addition to supervising our daycare group, this position will help with care, cleaning, and some training as needed and as appropriate. This is a great position for people with hands-on dog experience looking to gain some behavior and training knowledge.

This will start as a part-time position around 30 hours/week and will quickly transition into a full time position with benefits. Pay is commensurate with experience and starts between $11.10-$12/hour. To apply, please click here.


Interested in becoming a dog trainer but not sure where to start? We offer a limited number of apprenticeship positions throughout the year to select, qualified applicants. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from certified trainers, observe classes, private sessions, and in-house training, engage in discussions and planning, get hands-on training and consulting experience, and learn about the day-to-day operations of a full-service training center. Reliable and skilled apprentices who are a good fit may also be considered for future paid positions as they become available.

Ideal candidates will have some handling, behavior, or training experience. This may include working with another trainer, volunteering or working at an animal shelter, or working in a related field, such as veterinary, grooming, doggie daycare, etc. Apprentices must be committed to positive reinforcement based/force free techniques and gentle, humane handling methods.

This is an unpaid position requiring a 15-20 hour a week commitment, and lasting 3 months. Click here to apply and we’ll reach out to schedule an interview.

Contract Trainer

We are occasionally looking for skilled, experienced dog trainers certified through CCPDT, IAABC, KPA, The Academy, or other internationally recognized certifying organizations for contract positions. Trainers must have formal professional experience, exceptional people skills, and be fluent in positive reinforcement based/force free methods. Trainers teach in our 7200+ square foot training center, leading group classes, private lessons, and in-house training sessions. We are especially interested in trainers with a specialty such as agility, scent work, tricks, humane husbandry, canine conditioning, etc. If interested, please submit a resume to and we’ll contact you with available opportunities!


We have a limited number of volunteer positions available. Volunteers do not work directly with dogs but instead assist with tasks around the training center such as cleaning, organizing, chopping treats, etc. Volunteers receive a generous discount on services including training, boarding, and daycare. No formal dog experience is necessary but you must be comfortable working around dogs, as well as working on tasks independently. This is an unpaid position that requires a 3-4 hour/week commitment. Reliable and skilled volunteers may also be considered for future paid positions. If interested, please apply here and we’ll contact you to schedule an interview.

We will be looking for part-time (10-20 hours a week) seasonal kennel help for the holidays (generally November through December.) Applicants should have some experience handling dogs in a kennel setting (shelter, boarding facility, vet clinic, groomer, etc.) Seasonal staff receive discounted services and pay based on experience. Kennel staff will be responsible for cleaning, feeding, exercising and general care of boarded dogs, as well as other assigned housekeeping tasks. We require applicants to be committed to positive reinforcement/force free based, gentle handling practices. Pay is commensurate with experience and generally ranges between $11.10-$12/hour. If interested, please apply here and we’ll contact you to schedule an interview.

seasonal help