Here at Canis Major, we do group classes a little differently

For a flat fee of $150/month (per dog), you will gain unlimited access to our group classes for an entire 30 days! With our Monthly Membership program you will be able to try out new classes, repeat classes if your dog needs extra practice, choose only the dates that work with your busy schedule, and cancel classes without penalty. Mix and match classes to meet your goals and progress through training at your dog's pace!

After purchasing your Monthly Membership, the first class you will need to register for is our Attention & Focus (Foundation) class. You can view upcoming dates for Attention & Focus on our calendar located at the bottom of this page (scroll down). Puppy Socials are exempt from this requirement, but for most other classes, you must complete Attention & Focus class first.

Classes that are included in your Monthly Membership

  • Attention & Focus (Foundation class) Our prerequisite course. All dogs and puppies must complete this class prior to attending any other classes (Puppy Socials are exempt from this requirement).

  • Puppy Socials (for dogs 8 weeks-18 months) Supervised playtime with other puppies.

  • Puppy Skills (for dogs 8 weeks-5 months of age) Seven rotating classes with each class focusing on teaching the skills needed for a different setting: at home, at the vet, in the park, and on walks. Each Puppy Skills session also includes playtime and socialization with other puppies and discussions on common management challenges such as house training, chewing, and nipping.

  • Basic Manners (for dogs 6 months and older) Seven rotating classes with each class focusing on teaching the skills needed for a different setting: at home, at the vet, in the park, and on walks.

  • Agility (Puppy and intermediate offerings. Beginning December 1st, adult dogs over 1 year of age must start off with private agility sessions for $50/session before being graduated into Sequencing Agility). Agility is a fun sport that uses your dog's body AND mind! As a team, you and your dog learn how to navigate obstacles like jumps, tunnels, weave poles and more. Leave with a happy and tired dog! Your dog must complete our Attention & Focus class prior to enrolling in Agility. Dogs will be crated during rest breaks in class. This class is not appropriate for dogs that display aggression toward humans or other dogs.

  • Nosework (all ages welcome) Nosework is a fun sport that teaches your dog to use their natural scenting ability to find things on cue! In this class, we'll help your dog hone their skills through games and exercises, many of which you can play at home, too. Even dogs who don't seem inclined to be sniffers enjoy Nosework. Shy dogs can build confidence, and busy, active dogs can learn to focus. Open to dogs and puppies of all ages. Dogs will be crated during rest breaks in class. ALL NEW NOSEWORK STUDENTS MUST REGISTER FOR AND COMPLETE A “NOSEWORK ORIENTATION” PRIOR TO THEIR FIRST INTRO TO NOSEWORK CLASS.

  • Rally Obedience (when offered) (all ages welcome, but need to have completed Basic Manners or equivalent training first) Rally Obedience is a fun, low-pressure sport that teaches you and your dog to complete obedience obstacles together! This class teaches a few obstacles each week, and every 5 weeks we'll have a complete course setup to practice on. Great for dogs who have basic skills (sit, down, leash walking, come, stay, touch) already in place. Sharpen your dog's skills, improve your bond, and have fun together!

  • Treibball (when offered) (all ages welcome) Treibball is a fun team sport that teaches your dog to "herd" balls into a goal! You'll teach your dog to "go out," down at a distance, and push the obstacles around. It's mental and physical stimulation for any age! Any dog can participate, but we recommend that you have a solid down, touch, and some off-leash skills first.

  • Specialty Classes & Workshops (new offerings added monthly)

To view our upcoming classes, check out our class calendar below. (Keep in mind that this calendar is intended to show you our anticipated offerings and that the schedule is subject to change, and this calendar will not indicate if a class is full).

Please use this link to purchase your Membership, and then you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a special code and a link to view our live registration calendar to schedule your classes.

We look forward to training with you and your dog soon!

**All dogs must be current on their age-appropriate vaccinations (including Distemper/Parvo (DHPP) and Bordetella for all dogs and puppies, plus Rabies for dogs over 4 months of age). You will need to either upload or email us a copy of your dog’s current vaccination records prior to your first visit to our facility.