Services and pricing


Canis Major Dog Training offers a variety of dog training and behavior solutions to fit every budget. Don't see what you're looking for here? Contact us to work out a specific training package for your dog. 

NOT LOCATED IN COLORADO? We also offer virtual training sessions via webcam or phone, as well as email consultations.

Canis minor puppy program

$350/month for two months ($87.50/session)

  • Eight hours of in-home sessions
  • Specially designed for puppies 8-12 weeks old
  • Sets puppies up for success in the home and in public
  • Covers basic training, prevention, and more
  • Includes Operation Socialization®, an initiative designed to create friendly, confident, well-adjusted dogs

silver star program

$500 One time payment ($100/session)

  • Five hours of in home sessions
  • Basic manners covered
  • Select behavior issues addressed
  • Unlimited email and phone support

gold star program

$425/month for two months ($85/session)

  • Ten hours of in-home sessions
  • Basic and intermediate manners covered
  • Severe behavior issues addressed
  • Unlimited phone and email support

super star program

$375/month for six months ($75/session)

  • 30 hours of in-home sessions
  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced manners
  • Severe behavior issues resolved
  • Unlimited email, phone, and video support
  • Deluxe training pouch included